You were currently sitting around your house, waiting for your boyfriend of three years to come home. He said he was going to be home before dinner, but it was now past ten and he hadn’t even called. You groaned in frustration when you checked your phone a final time and let out a disappointed sigh when you saw there were no calls or texts from Alex. You figured he was just out with the band, it didn’t bother you, you never were the clingy type of girlfriend, but still. Just something to indicate that he wasn’t, I don’t know, DEAD.
You sat down and slunk into your couch, turning on your favorite TV show to try to cheer you up. Which of course, didn’t work. It got to be about midnight when your phone finally rang next to you. Thinking it was Alex, you picked it up. But it wasn’t Alex calling, it was Courtney, your bandmate, but you all mainly called her CC. You answered it quickly.
“Hey, CC.” You said.
“Hey, (Y/N). You couldn’t sleep either?” She asked.
“Nah, Alex is out again and not answering.” You said, scoffing.
“Again?” She asked, sympathetically.
“Yeah, so what’s up?” You asked, trying to get the topic off Alex.
“Oh yeah, so the rest of the girls and I can’t sleep for some reason, we were wondering if you wanted to meet up and finish that new song?” She asked.
“Oh yeah! I liked that one!” You said, glad to be able to do something. “Do you want to meet at one of our places or do you wanna just go to the studio?” You asked.
“Lets just go to the studio. I just want to get this finished and recorded so we can be done with it.” She said.
“Alright! I’m heading out now.” You said.
“Okay, I already talked to Stephanie and Carter, and they’re gonna meet us there.” She said
“Okay, be there soon.” You said.
“Alright, see ya soon.” She said softly and hung up. You tried calling Alex one more time to tell him you was going out. He didn’t answer. No surprise there.
You grabbed your phone and purse, throwing on a hoodie and converse, you walked out of yours and Alex’s house and to your car. You drove silently until you reached the recording studio.
Your band was called Collateral Damage and was composed of you four girls. You played punk/alternative stuff and have been going to Warped Tour the last three years, which is where you met Alex.
You pulled up into the parking lot and smiled when you saw your best friends waiting for you out front. You got out and ran into them, tackling them into a bear hug.
“Hey girls!” You yelled loud
“Jesus Christ,(Y/N)! You can’t just sneak up and tackle girls at midnight!” Carter said, laughing.
“Shut up, you love me. Now lets get working.” You said, grabbing her hand and pulling her inside, Courtney and Stephanie closely following. You walked the familiar path from the reception desk to studio 13 which was your favorite. You got all set up and Chris (your manager) was behind the glass with the tech people that were ready to start recording.
“Thanks for getting up here so late, guys!” I said into the mic.
“If it gets you to four to actually be productive for once in your life then I’m all for it!” Chris said and you laughed. You were lead singer and guitarist, Carter was the drummer, Stephanie: bassist, and Courtney (CC) was lead guitarist.
“Okay, lets get started….so we can finish…and go home!” Tom, lead technical man told us and we laughed again.
“Alright, lets put Tom out of his misery.” Carter said and you laughed again.
You checked your phone one last time before silencing it so you could work. You sighed when there were still no texts or calls from Alex.
After another hour or two, you finally got the song recorded and the tech people were very happy to be able to go home, and to be honest, you were too.
The drive home didn’t take long. You expected to walk into the house and see a totally plastered Alex passed, or maybe he wasn’t even home at all yet.
But that wasn’t what happened.
The second you walked you were welcomed by Alex’s screams.
“(Y/N)!” He yelled harshly. “Where the hell have you been!?”
“I could ask you the same thing!” You yelled back at him.
“What do you mean?!” He retorted
“You were supposed to be home for dinner Alex!”
“that’s different! I wasn’t home for dinner! You were gone without a trace until FUCKING THREE A.M.!”
“I called you multiple times and texted you like a million times! For all I knew you were dead!” You yelled back at him. How did this even happen? All the sudden you were in a huge screaming match.
“So where has your phone been for the last two hours when I’ve been calling you?!” He yelled back.
“We were recording! I can’t have my phone on while we’re recording, Alex! And that’s rich coming from you! Where was your phone?! Huh!?“‘I asked.
“I was out with the guys! Jesus when did you become a clingy bitch?!” He yelled back at you harshly. You were taken aback. You were about to object when he continued, each word breaking your heart. “What happened?! That was why I loved you because you weren’t so controlling, but now I’m not sure! I don’t understand what I ever even saw in you!” He snapped at you bitterly. “I can’t do this anymore! I think we need to just end this!” He yelled. You were defiantly in shock. Sure, you and Alex had gotten into fights before, but not like this. No matter what, he never even brought up the prospect of breaking up. You were “the love of his life.” I guess that was all a lie.
You couldn’t help the little tear that came out of your eye the second he said that.
“Is- is that really what you want?” You asked, your voice weak and breaking,
“Yes,” he said simply. “I don’t know where the girl I fell in love with is. But she sure as hell isn’t you anymore. You’ve gone soft on me, (Y/N). My life was so much better before you came into it.” He said. You almost cried, but you weren’t going to. You weren’t gonna prove him right, you defiantly were not soft.
“Fine, Alex.” You said, turning around and leaving him standing alone in the front hallway. You had your purse with you and you climbed into your car, driving to your apartment that you had in the city for when you pulled all-nighters recording. You sadly walked up the stairs to the apartment building. You were greeted nicely and you have them a half-hearted hello and walked straight to the elevator. You barely thought, pressing the 13th floor button, and walking all the way down the hallway and entering your large apartment. You slumped off your clothes and changed into some comfortable sweats from the dresser you kept there.
As you laid in bed, you thought about everything. You thought about if you would go back to get your stuff, but decided against it. Your band made you a lot of money so you weren’t financially dependent on Alex. You were dead set on never seeing him again. You were gonna show him that you weren’t soft, and you didn’t depend on anyone.
That plan worked. You decided to completely remake yourself, and you did. Your normally light brown hair was now jet black, and had dip-dyed teal tips. Your makeup was heavier and you were feeling better about yourself. Your bad girl image had become more and more prominent and you liked it. It had now been a month since you last saw Alex. Of course you missed him, but you weren’t going to let anyone know that. You told the press the truth about the break up, or at least your version of the truth. That Alex is a self-righteous asshole that broke your heart, but that it was all for the best because you felt so much better about yourself.
“Hey guys!” You said cheerily, walking into CC’s apartment you were all meeting at to hang out. All their heads snapped towards you with worried expressions. They were all crowded by a piece of paper on a coffee table. They smiled weakly at you.
“H-hey..” Stephanie said.
“Okay, what’s up?” You asked, looking at them skeptically.
“N-n-nothing!” Carter said, totally unconvincingly
“Guys, seriously, tell me.” You demanded. Courtney sighed loudly.
“She was gonna find out anyway.” She said in defeat. She picked up the piece of paper and handed it to you with a sympathetic smile. I looked at her confused, before grabbing the paper, and reading it. At the head of the paper was “2013 Warped Tour Line Up”. You gave her another confused look and she gave you a look that said “continue”. So you did. You read through the list and smiled when you saw “Collateral Damage” on it.
“Guys what’s bad about this! We’re going to Warped Tour again!” You said happily.
“(Y/N), keep reading.” Stephanie said and you sighed. You read through it and it seemed like a normal list until you saw “All Time Low”.
“Super” you said in a flat, monotone voice.
“We can still back out if you want…” Carter said.
“Guys, no way! Warped Tour was the most fun we’ve had the whole time doing this band! Im not gonna let some jackass prick get in the way of that!” You said, laughing at the thought that they would even think you’d want to back out.
“Alright, well, lets get backing! Warped Tour starts next week!” Stephanie said and you squealed with excitement.
“No time to waste come on!” You said, running out.
You packed all your things and smiled triumphantly. Ready to start the tour that would be so much fun.
That week went by fast with all the last minute preparations for tour and soon you were setting off on the huge tour bus that you and 26 other bands were living on.
At first it was easy avoiding Alex. But you knew this couldn’t keep this up. You were in a confined space for months, the entire summer.
“(Y/N)!” You heard the familiar voice call, which made you smile. You turned around to see the one and only Jack Barakat. You two had always been close but after the split you didn’t think it would be right to keep in contact.
You ran over to Jack as fast as you could, a huge smile on your face and his matched yours. You hugged him strongly and he lifted you off the ground, spinning you while you laughed.
“How have you been?” He asked, setting you back on the ground, a huge smile still on his face.
“Awesome! Been missing having you around but…” You trailed off, regretting saying it. “How about you?” You asked, desperately trying to change the subject.
“I’ve been good…Alex, on the other hand..” He trailed off awkwardly.
“Yeah, I know, he’s probably been having the time of his life now that I’m not holding him down right?” You asked sadly. Jack looked at you like you very crazy.
“What the fuck are you talking about?” He asked in disbelief. “He’s been an absolute mess!” He said and you rolled your eyes.
“Yeah, I’m so sure.” You said sarcastically. He looked around and peered into the next room. Seeing no one in there. He grabbed your arm and drug you in the next room.
“He needs you, (Y/N). He’s gone bat shit crazy and as funny as it is watching him get flustered, it’s really sad, and he is my best friend so I can’t bare to see him like this.” Jack said and you were shocked.
“Jack, that makes no sense! HE broke up with ME!” You said defensively.
“He was drunk off his ass!” Jack defended.
“He didn’t seem drunk…” You said sassily.
“Well I’m pretty sure, seeing as how I was with him that night along with the other guys!”
“Jack, I’m sorry but how is this my problem?! He broke up with me! I’ve moved on Jack!” You said.
“We both know that’s not true! You love him just as much as he loves you!” Jack argued.
“Jack, I love you but I don’t have time for this!” You told him
“I’m not the only one in this band you love.” He said under his breath.
“You’re right! I love Rian and Zack, too! But NOT Alex Pain-in-the-Ass-Karth!” You yelled, impressed that you came up with that, jack seemed impressed too because he couldn’t stop laughing.
“That is perfect! Can I use that?!” He asked in between laughs. I smirked slightly
“Sure.” I said, smiling.
“But, yeah, I know you probably wanna think, so I’ll let you go, but just think about what I said, he really needs you, and I need my best friend because Alex isn’t Alex without you.” Jack said, smiling sadly and leaving the room.
You could feel the tears coming but you had to be strong, you didn’t want anyone on this bus already forming negative opinions of you.
You went to find your band members but found them all shamelessly flirting with other band members, you applauded them in your head because they picked good ones, Stephanie had Vic Fuentes wrapped around her finger, Carter was flirting with Rian which you thanked the gods for because you always wanted to set them up together and CC was looking pretty comfy with Andy Biersack…YOU GO GIRLS!
“I should just go find Oli Sykes or someone to forget about Alex…” You though to yourself but you knew it would do no good. You knew all you really wanted was to be able to call Alex yours again, to be able to fall asleep in his arms. But you knew that just couldn’t happen. Alex’s words kept playing over in your head, and now that you know that he was drunk, it felt better, but his words still hurt you. It felt like a ton of bricks hit you every time you thought about it. You felt like crying again but you didn’t, instead, you looked out the window to see it was almost dark and the bus had stopped moving.
“Okay, pretty little musicians, the bus is stopped for the night, so if you need to, go get some fresh air. We’re in Meadview, Arizona, so please try not to wonder off the Grand Canyon.” The tour director said, which made you laugh. The second he moved out of the way, you were out the door and running as fast as you could, careful not to get lost. You had been to Meadview many times before so you knew your way around. You ran and ran and realized you were close to the Grand Canyon. You stopped once you realized you were in a familiar secluded area of it and smiled when you saw the sun setting just over the horizon, and the light bouncing off of the Colorado river at the bottom. Those damn tears came back, but this time you didn’t fight them, you let them fall knowing that you were, once again, crying over Alex.
The guy you met three years ago.
The guy that you fell fast and hard for.
The guy that tore your heart out.
The guy that you still loved with all your heart despite everything.
You were broken out of your thoughts by two arms snaking around your waist. You normally would have jumped or screamed, but you knew these arms, those arms were so familiar to you no matter how much their owner broke your heart.
“How’d you know I’d be here?” You asked, still not looking at him.
“You loved this spot when we came here a couple years ago.” Alex said. You remembered that trip. It was one of the best two weeks of your life. You smiled at the memory but quickly dropped the smile when you remembered where you were, and the situation.
You softly pulled Alex’s arm off of you and sat down on the ground a couple feet from him. He followed you and sat down right next to you.
“Do you remember what happened last time we were here?” He asked. You nodded,
“You told me you loved me.” You said simply. You felt a tear come out of your eye but you didn’t let Alex see it. You looked at him for the first time and saw him smiling. He didn’t say anything and you didn’t either, you just sat. Starring off at the canyon.
“Can we talk?” He asked randomly, you looked at him to see he wasn’t looking at you, he was still gazing out.
“I have nothing to say.” You said, turning your head away again.
“Well I have tons.” He said, putting a hand under your chin, and turning your head to face him. “First off: Pain-in-the-Ass-Karth? Really?” He said and you broke out into a fit of giggles. “You just had to say that to Jack, didn’t you? He is literally running around the bus screaming it!” He said, in a serious tone that made you laugh even harder. Finally he started laughing too.
“Secondly:” he started, still laughing. “OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE CARTER AND RIAN?!” He asked really loudly like a little teenaged girl. You laughed again and nodded.
“I know right?!” You said, mimicking his tone. “We’ve been wanting to set them up since forever!”
After you two recovered from your laughing fit, he put his serious face on. He turned your entire body so that you were totally face him.
“And finally: I love you. That’s never gonna change. It never did. I was an idiot, a jerk, a douche, whatever you can call me and I’ll deserve it. And you just tell me right now and I’ll leave you alone forever, because I love you too much to keep annoying you like that.” He said with all seriousness in his voice and on his face. You sighed loudly and stood up, running a hand through your messed up hair. He stood up too, looking at you, waiting for any type of response.
“Alex, be honest. We dated for three years. At any point in those three years did you ever see a future for us?” You asked him. He looked at you blankly.
“Are you joking? (Y/N), it’s all I thought about. It was never ‘you might be the one to spend the rest of my life with’ it was ‘you’re the ONLY one I want to spend the rest of my life with’!” He said and you turned away from him as the tears came out of your eyes.
“Cross your legs, dot your i’s, and never let ‘em see you cry” Kept playing in my head (I like country music, too, sue me.)
“In fact…” He said “that day, when I went out with the guys and got drunk, we were celebrating.” He said you looked at him confused.
“What were you celebrating?” You ask curiously.
“Well, earlier that day, we went out and they helped my buy this.” He said, pulling out a small black velvet box from his pocket. You gasped and covered your mouth with your hand as more tears came from your eyes. “And I’ve carried it around everyday since.” He said, smiling down at the small box. “I was gonna do this later, but now seems like the perfect time.” He said, looking down at the sun that was just about to set over the canyon. You were still gobsmacked as he got down on one knee.
“(Y/N), I have loved you since that day I saw you up on stage that first Warped Tour together, three years ago. And these last 30 days have been hell, especially because I have had to deal with Jack much more that usual.” He said and that made you laugh. “By the way, did you know that giving him coffee was not the best move?” He asked, making you laugh again.
“Why would you think that was a good idea?!” You asked, still laughing, burying your head in your hands, laughing and smiling. You looked up from your hands, tears still coming but you made no effort to hide them as you smiled even wider. Alex still had his serious face on, but now had a soft smile on his face as well.
“I used to not even be able to imagine life without you. And know that I’ve experienced it, I know that it is worse than anything I ever could have imagined. And I know I never want to live like that ever again. So…” He said and opened the small box to reveal a gorgeous ring with teal gems surrounding a large diamond center. You cried even harder. “(Y/F/N), will marry me?”
You didn’t even hesitated to nod your head violently.
“Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” You cried running over to him. He stood up and smiled.
“Yes?” He asked, smiling cutely.
“Yes!” You yelled loudly. He smiled even wider and slipped the ring in your finger. “Yes!” You said again, grabbing his face and kissing him deeply, something you’ve been wanting to do for an entire month. He put his arms around your waist and you secured yours around his neck. You pulled away minutes later and you were both smiling like idiots. You saw the tour bus pull up right next to you and everyone inside piled out, cheering and whistling. You were almost crying again because all of your idols congratulated you; Vic Fuentes, Oli Sykes, Andy Biersack, Ronnie Ranke, and KELLIN FREAKING QUINN HUGGED YOU. WHAT IS THE MAGICAL-NESS THAT IS THIS DAY?!?!
Of course yours and Alex’s band were in front of the giant crowd of people, Carter holding onto Rian for dear life. You looked at Alex and you two smirked knowingly. He nodded shortly at you and you did the same. You looked down at your ring for a second before laughing.
“What?” Alex asked you, amused.
“It matches my hair!” You said laughing. He gave you a weird look, taking your hand and holding it up to the dip-dyed ends of your dark hair before cracking up.
“It does!” He said between laughs. You both looked over at Rian and Carter that were talking and looking at each other all lovey-dovey. You smiled at Alex.
“Now all we have to do is get Jack and CC, and Steph and Zack together.” You murmured to him. He smiled down at you.
“Challenge accepted.” He said before kissing you, causing everyone to burst into cheers again.

So I was thinking about doing a part 2, 3, and four to do carter and Rian’s, Jack and Courtney’s, and Zack and Stephanie’s stories…?? Thoughts??

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